Our Plans For Year 3

What is Whitley Bay Big Local?

Whitley Bay Big Local is one of 150 Big Local initiatives across the country each allocated £1million budget from the lottery over a ten year period by the parent organisation Local Trust, based in London.

It is a community lead initiative that presents an opportunity for all who live and work in the Big Local area, whatever their age, culture, background, education skills to get together with the resources of the extended community and make our town an even better place to live, work and visit.

Big Local's four outcomes are:

• Communities will be better able to identify local needs and take action in response to them.

• People will have increased skills and confidence so that they can continue to identify and respond to local needs in the future.

• Community will make a difference to the needs it prioritises.

• People will feel that their area is an even better place to live.

Our Vision

To create a strong, happy, creative community and surroundings that look cared for so residents and visitors can access support we need to thrive.

Based on community feedback from more than 500 individuals living and working in the Big Local area we will:

• Employ contracted workers to engage community members, identify community needs, deliver activities and events and ensure that all actions in the Plan are delivered as effectively as possible

• Create a friendly and welcoming WBBL Base for our community to come together and for activities and events to take place

• Develop an external funding strategy

• Revise the Master Plan through public consultation

• Continue to maintain the town centre planters

• Expand wild flower and bulb drifts in grassed areas

• Introduce shrub planting in Whitley Bay Park

• Support the expansion of Incredible Edibles beyond the Metro station sites

• Create and install a range of iconic, seafront street furniture: street bollards, ‘dolphin’ design telescopes, planters

• Develop the community aspects of the annual Carnival and engage more local groups in its development and delivery

• Engage a wider range of local people/businesses to develop and deliver their Small Sparks grants projects

• Continue to engage with the local council, police, fire service, councillors and the Chamber of Trade to benefit the town together

• Organise a wide range of community activities and encourage often marginalised members of the community to take part

• Establish a service offering accessible benefit and debt advice to residents

• Support money management by promoting the work of credit unions and budgeting skills amongst young people

• Continue to offer targeted positive activities for young people delivered in collaboration with a youth organisation based locally and schools.

Theme Groups:

Whitley Bay Big Local has a number of theme groups whose role is to develop and deliver activities and projects which respond to locally identified challenges. The following goals are each of these theme groups: 


Engagement and Co-ordination

Manage the Whitley Bay Big Local Project as a whole. Create a Base and appropriate administrative support to ensure we have the capacity to deliver The Big Plan. 



Ensure Whitley Bay looks good, and has established and sustainable improvements to its appearance. 



Develop Whitley Bay as a town where residents feel part of a genuine community, everyone is involved and to which visitors are attracted.



Help to make Whitley Bay a place where everyone can thrive. 


Partnerships & Communication

Big Local is about communities leading change themselves. However, that doesn't mean taking control, it means collaboration with a wide range of people and organisations. We are promoting through all forms of media the difference we've made by listening, working together and supporting local enterprise.

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