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What Is Volunteering?


Volunteering is about giving your time to make a difference. You'll be using your talents, skills and experience to help others and to make Whitley Bay an even better place to live. Through volunteering you can learn new skills and socialise. Volunteering is good for our community, our future and potentially your future too.

Who Can Do It?


It doesn't matter what your age, background, abilities or experiences are, everybody has something they can offer. Whether you're very busy or have plenty of time available, there's always something to do.

What Can I Do?


As long it's legal, anything. It doesn't matter if you prefer to be on the 'front line' or would rather be 'behind-the-scenes' there's something for everyone.

How Do I Volunteer?


  • Our community leading the difference to the needs we prioritise
  • Believing that through our joint efforts, we can do it
  • Feeling that we can be proud of what we've done
  • Sharing our resources to achieve common goals
  • Celebrating our differences and creating something new
  • Finding a compromise that we can all work towards
  • Reaching out and engaging everyone who is part of Big Local
  • Making it possible for all of us to have our say
  • Unlocking confidence so we can make a positive change
  • Listening to what people in your local area want and need
  • Building a picture of what needs to happen to make things better
  • Speaking out in a community forum and sharing your concerns
  • Leaflet and newsletter distribution
  • Sharing information through Social Media about what's going on
  • Talking with everyone about the best bits of Whitley Bay

Samba Feature


Involving: Samba Drumming

We provide the instruments and the ear protection, and the space for you to try your hand at samba drumming. 



Consulting: Community Forum

We hold regular community consultation events.

Arts Award


Collaborating: Arts Awards

Whitley Bay Big Local help the youth of the area focus on artistic endeavours and help by funding the Arts Award scheme. 

Carnival 4


Empowering: Whitley Bay Town Carnival

Whitley Bay Big Local has reinstated the much loved annual town carnival.


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